Sunday, October 29, 2006

Been doing four hours of commute and ten hours of work, five days a week. I can spend forever doing something if I think I'm useful. Right now I just feel like a drag on the entire office. I ask questions and I get answers but there is never any time to take notes, only to solve the immediate problem, and so I wind up asking the same questions every day. Nevermind my notoriously steep learning curve.

Last week I got frustrated, confused and so worried about making a mistake on a shipment that I snapped at my boss. In a sense I'm lucky she didn't fire me. I would have deserved it.

I don't mind the hours and I don't mind the commute but this is either going to have to become second-nature to me very quickly or it won't last. Yeah, making $9/hr in retail sucks but not as much as spending two hours on a train every day with little to do but contemplate all the day's fuckups.

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