Saturday, October 14, 2006

[00:43] GypsyKitten: Oh.. believe me.. I told her everything.
[00:43] bodhiFive: I don't suppose an unhappy Nikki is a pleasant thing to behold.
[00:44] GypsyKitten: I beat down with logic.. not with screams or anger.. I'm a pretty mellow bitch.


My daughter used her first swear in front of me. Not at me, wonder of wonders, but in the act of describing "ABC." A slang acronym meaning "this is private/an inside joke." But also stands for "Ass-Backward Country."


I'm making a music video. Possibly to the Postal Service song We Will Become Silhouettes. And it'll take a year to plan and shoot. Who wants to put money on whether this project outlives this month? *sigh

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