Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm not much of a baseball fan. Hell, I'm not much of a sports fan but I generally root for the Red Sox. The reason I cheer for Boston's team is because I've always had this impression that Boston had a bit of class. If I can give my father credit for anything at all it's giving me a sense of sportsmanship.

Today I caught the replay of Johnny Damon stepping up to the plate for last night's game and the audience reaction was a gut-wrenching embarrassment. Damon, on the other hand, ignored 30 seconds of booing and gave a respectable hat-tip to the minority seats who had enough class to clap for the man who gave us four of the best seasons in recent memory.

Not to mention a major contributor to the Sox's sole title in ...what? Eighty years?

Yeah, he walked for twelve mil. And the people bitching about it are the same people who, if they hit Powerball, would shoot coffee out their nose when asked the ubiquitous "are you going to keep your day job?"

So consider me a Yankees fan since that's where Johnny is. The rare kind who only checks their league ranking every few weeks and only watches a game when it happens to be on.

PS: Jeter is still a dick.

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