Saturday, May 13, 2006

I just did my first Wikipedia edit (scroll down to Snowcrash [hat-tip to Ella]). I feel all hardcore and accomplished now.

Saw Lucky Number S7evin. Loved it. Lucy Liu channeling Jordan from Real Genius was real nice. Real, real nice.

Of course it doesn't hurt that I've always had a thing for Asian girls with American accents.

On Monday -- about five days ago -- I checked the 10-day weather forecast. Ten days of rain. So here it is, five days in, I check the forecast again. TEN MORE FUCKING DAYS OF RAIN. I know it's New England but shit.

I've got a week of vacation burning a hole in my pocket. If in your head you continued with "...and I'm going to the arcade," you've just dated yourself. If you've just dated yourself, sound off like you got a pair.

Then send me a reply and tell me why.

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