Monday, March 27, 2006

[22:01] bodhiFive: And just when the Republicans thought it couldn't get any worse...
[22:03] Davis2001: This message can't be meant for me
[22:04] bodhiFive: Why is that?
[22:04] Davis2001: Because it's news
[22:04] bodhiFive: Oh.
[22:05] Davis2001: You know I can't read
[22:07] Davis2001: Did the guy who did the smuggling trade the radioactive materials for a bomb made of pinball machine parts?
[22:08] bodhiFive: ...
[22:09] Davis2001: THE LIBYANS!!!
[22:09] Davis2001: RUN FOR IT MARTY!!!!
[22:10] bodhiFive: Oh good lord.
[22:10] Davis2001: I'm sorry

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