Monday, November 21, 2005

So Kim (an ex) and her husband are camping the Best Buy in [forget the town] waiting for the NEW XBox 360° which, honest to god, I had no idea was being released yet. To me, anyone but Playstation is an also-ran because I'm a Huge Console Snob.

But anyway, she's been waiting since 9:00AM this MORNING. The store begins selling them TOMORROW morning. She and he are trading shifts waiting for this thing. Kimberly is living my dream. Not because she's going to get an XBox. Because of all the customers she's getting to fuck with.

Person: You're all waiting for the XBox?
Kim: Oh shit, this isn't Harry Potter???" [then running off]

Person: What are you waiting for?
Kim: The rapture.

(this is the best one if you actually know Kim.)

Person: You're all gonna get it?
Kim: Well, in a metaphysical sense, yes.


Anonymous said...

and she didn't cut the line, she was mad at OTHERS who were saving spots. :-) And I wasn't nec. referring to her, just the, "Oh, noes, my 9-year-old can't have his system!!!" mentality. ;-)

You WERE out of it last night. :-)

Anonymous said...

But I LIKE that you're a console snob. :-) ~Kim