Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sweet friggin' Jesus it's nice and hot out. W00T. Tonight I'm sleeping with the windows wide open. Oh hell. I just realized I have a fan ...somewhere. I'm taking that thing out tonight!

Tonight was 11 hours of what can either be described as mundane or as hell, whichever. I pretty much shredded tickets for at least half of that. When it came time for my 9-hour shift to end, Kory asked me to stay and I'm almost never one to refuse when the team is getting beat up.

Then I got to talk to Ella which was perfect because ...well, because she misses me and I can tell by her voice. And knowing she misses me as much as I miss her helps with the distance.

That's it, not much to write. I'm enjoying the weather, missing my baby something awful and things are looking up in general. I'll have a second job by the end of the month which will help with the money aspect which is my only stressor right now.

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