Sunday, May 16, 2004

I ROYALLY fucked up tonight. Sometime around 11pm the words of my manager at Discovery Channel went through my head. "See you on Saturday." Oh. Fuck. Yeah, I completely spaced a shift I was supposed to work. I was about 99% sure that this was the case before I got home and checked the schedule but that only confirmed it. Tomorrow I'm just going to have to own up to it. I hope I don't get fired but I'm more embarrased than worried. That's just not like me at all. I don't think I've ever just spaced a shift.


On the other hand the GM of my company pulled me into his office, listened to my gripes and wound up giving me a raise without me even asking for one. He acknowledged that I was getting the short end of the stick in a big way and would make sure that it was corrected. It may be too little too late (I have an interview on Monday with Verizon) but at least there is someone at the very top of the totem pole confirming it all. I don't actually even know what my raise is for.

I think I'd stay there for now if what Verizon offers isn't more than ...say, $1.50 than what I'd be making now and it would only be to see if things got corrected. If not, I think I'd take a pay cut to leave.

The "missing my shift entirely" thing has me really, really bummed. Other than that I'm doing great but it is still pissing me off royally that I would screw up that badly. And I was just starting to make some serious headway in my bills. Who knows. Maybe they'll give me a second chance.

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