Friday, May 01, 2009

I have an Arlen Specter story.

The year is 1995 (iirc). I'm working the night shift audit/front desk at the Manchester, NH Holiday Inn. The Republicans had their convention the night prior and I'm checking out a jabillion people.

Me, making small-talk:

"Are you with the press pool?"
"No, I'm just one of the pieces of meat."
"I'm one of the pieces of meat."
[...] "I'm sorry, I'm completely confused."
"I'm a politician."

I looked up and sure enough, Arlen Specter.

I like the guy. I can see why he left his party. He has a long history of holding a lot of feet to a lot of fires but he never seems to drop the hammer so I've got no huge ideas about him being some vote lock.

Still, everyone's fixated on the political expedience but what's more sincere a motive than to be elected by the people with whom you share more views than less?

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