Monday, September 29, 2008

Republicans today voted 2-to-1 against a 700 BILLION spending bill to bail out the American economy. Who do they hold responsible for failing to pass the measure? The Democrats who voted 2-to-1 FOR the failure measure, of course!

Their logic? Nancy Pelosi gave a speech they didn't like.

I'm not kidding.

Clearly they didn't have the votes to begin so hey, why not take another trip to the distraction well that has served them so generously for the last decade?

I've got a really simple question for the thin-skinned GOPers who claim Pelosi's speech tainted their vote; Were you going to vote yes before the speech?

If not then it's a lie and they now all stand guilty of doing precisely what they're accusing the Speaker of the House of doing.

If so, and they truly believed that this spending bill was the correct and necessary thing to do, they're really willing to let the economy go tits-up because their feelings got hurt?

Liars or wimps. Take your pick.

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