Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reado n. To misread something. Analagous to typo.


Cira: I love my new emo hair, hahahah

Jason: Ha. Scene kid. *points

Cira: yea, eww. you can't see it in the pic, but the back of my head and the hair underneath is all bright red. fire engine red

Jason: Really! That sounds cool.

Cira: yea. it was my "vision". I love it

Jason: Nice.

Cira: but seriously, I'm the only one in Kentucky / Ohio with dyed hair. even at the show!!!!

Jason: I thought Keoki's hair was cool when it had those leopard prints. His club kid days were cool but as a DJ he sucks.

Cira: haha club kids. Keoki was Alig's bf, right?

Jason: Oh ...dunno about that. One sec.

Cira: ok


Cira: yea I know who he is. "As a young man he moved to New York City, where he met and began a romance with Michael Alig"

Jason: Oh my god, you're gonna laugh. I thought you were saying "Ali G's" boyfriend.

Cira: ohhhhh hahahahahah

Jason: I just misread it and thought "he's dating ...a character?"

Cira: lollll

Cira: read-o

Jason: New word.

Cira: yea!

Jason: I'm blogging.

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