Friday, December 01, 2006

So Jim Webb, senator elect of Virginia, snubs Bush (the lesser) during a photo op. Bush tracks Webb down and...

Bush: How’s your boy?
Webb: I’d like to get them out of Iraq.
Bush: That’s not what I asked you. How’s your boy?
Webb: That’s between me and my boy.

Webb is so incensed that he tells a friend he almost slugged the president. Good. It's about time someone put that national embarrassment in his place.

So then George Will calls Webb a "pompous poseur" and "a boor."

So here's my open letter to George Will.

No, you dumb fuck, everyone who didn't insist on honesty and candor about the trainwreck called 'Iraq,' (read; the entire conservative movement) but supported it nonetheless is a poseur and a boor, not to mention complicit in the death and maiming of thousands of Americans. I'd bring up the 100,000+ dead Iraqis but since you're more bent about slighting the president than dead Americans, I doubt the dead Iraqis phase you much.

Speaking of which, what is this BULLSHIT about neocons coming out of the woodwork talking about how Iraq is the result of inept planning and not really an indictment of conservatism? The entire United States government for the last six years has been controlled and enabled by the neocons and the all-too-willing, puckered asshole Congress and their media-hating O'Reilly colorguard.

You've been discredited. Thoroughly. Shut the fuck up.

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