Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today was Get Shit Done day. Most of you can skip this post.

* Fixed my bike. No more fraying tyre! No more punctured tube! No more wobbly wheel! Seventeen dollars! w00t!

* Bought and transported mini-fridge to my room. Ice cold water and Diet Pepsi a mere three feet from The Place From Whence I Hardly Move! Go me!

* Laundry! 'nuff said!

* Stewie's high-rise is now a condo. It isn't like he ever went to the penthouse so fuckit.

* COMPLETELY rearranged my room. Shit was getting a little crowded with all the new tools and whatnot. It still looks like Dorothy et al ran though but it's one of those darkest-before-storm-ends deals.

* I have a hot date on Saturday. By "hot date" I mean girl, books and coffee. I'd make a joke about the coffee being the only thing getting hot or blown, but if I know my readers it goes without saying. =P

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