Monday, February 06, 2006

From 11AM until now -- past midnight -- I have been reviewing the NSA spying testimony by Gonzales and taking notes.

I feel like clawing my eyeballs out. Every time that the AG said he couldn't answer a question I spit a watermellon seed at my monitor. Some of them stuck in very amusing ways. It's hard to take, say, Sen. Sessions serious when there is a giant seed sliding down his face.

I mean even harder than usual.

And to think I took the day off for this.

Leahy was great. Feinstein was great. Kennedy started just fine but then he wouldn't STFU.

The radio show is definitely evolving. Organization is ...way harder than is obvious. I generally line up a week's worth of news, print it all out, read it, highlight it and decide what I'm going to run with. Then comes the ordering, the research and the writing of the show. Then recording it and basically rewriting it all over again because how I write is not how I speak.

Then I re-record the thing, edit, chop out the sound of my ferret rolling balls across the floor, add sound effects for segments that need it. Another hour for listening to the finished product. Upload it, tweak the XML feed and the website and it's done.

Much harder to do than I originally expected. Much harder. I guess I do it so I don't feel like I've blown through another without accomplishing anything. But now I feel like I've wasted the day listening to Congress. *sigh

And while I'm on it, I need a new job.

Might start pimping the show on some of the political blogs (Kos, C&L, Echaton, HuffPo, FDL, etc.), see what happens. It would be both amusing and just a little bit scary if anyone started listening. I despise my own voice.

My ferret should chew his food. CHEW YOUR FOOD!

Admittedly, it's the cutest choking sound you'll ever want to hear but Jesus. It's not going anywhere. It's kibble, Stewie, not a gazelle.

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