Thursday, September 02, 2004

News does one of two things these days; either it does straight, non-critical reportage or it leans dramatically to either one side or the other. The result being that you either watch partisan news that tells you what you want to hear (Fox News, IndyMedia) or you listen to something that simply echoes the bullshit.

NEVER have I been so disgusted with American politics as I am right this moment. The GOP holding it's convention later than ever in its history and in a town it has never held it's convention in before? Bush wrapping himself in 9/11 is disgusting.

Just the other day he told a reporter that he didn't believe the war on terror was winnable. HELLO? Ever hear of Orwell? IS ANYBODY FUCKING LISTENING?

I'd like to take some comfort in the idea that there is a breaking point, a line which the American people would not allow to be crossed, but we all get our information from the same three sources, ultimately. Is it any wonder we all have the same opinions? Sure, we're free, but that's because we're all drinking the same Cool Aid.

Remember when Clinton fucked Monica? Remember Rush saying repeatedly about how "character matter[s]?" Bush lied in '94 when he said his father didn't get him into the Texas Air National Guard. In fact he was pushed ahead of several hundred men while having the worst possible score without flunking outright. We know this because the guy who pulled the strings just admitted it. I guess it doesn't matter when the guy is a Republican.

To one half of this country I say "fuck you, you can have him. Enjoy." To the other half I say "enjoy your goddamn television."

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Anonymous said...

Kool-Aid. Ooh, yeah!
~Thisbe, with nothing better to write, slinks back to her reporter's desk.