Saturday, July 17, 2004

It's funny how a few simple words can put everything into place. I woke up this morning with a clarity I haven't had in years.

For those of you internet-media-challenged (and you know who you are), here is a snip:

there's nothing that's made
that can't be improved upon
there is nothing that is made
that can't be moved upon
you put a brick wall though
a field of clover
I used to go through
now I just go over
you can't stop the movement
you just change the moves
everybody that's living
got something to prove
got something to lose
and if you don't
you're dead
the movement of daily life is choreographed
by the music in our heads
it's our hearts, beating
it's our lungs, breathing
it's the frustration
the irritation, elation, the confusion
in our brains
it's the heartache
the winter summer joy pain
it is the blood, guts and glory
it is the same old story
and if you really want to live
well then it all just *goes*

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